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I haven’t seen any country
Other than my country
Is that why I’m without you

Maybe it’s London right now
There was wandering in the rainy streets
Maybe you had to cross The Alps
Loving your eyes in Montmartre

Oh with you darling
I would love to listen to Concha Buika’s sad songs
On a majestic stage on the island of Mallorca
Then prayed one afternoon at Srebrenica
Crying for hours
Is Skopje so quiet in the mornings
Yet right now
Our hands are both alone

I don’t like cold
I came from a desert climate
So Norway doesn’t pull
I don’t know what Sweden
Don’t call me Denmark
I don’t know but the tea brand
But I wouldn’t say no to Spain
If I won’t be with you
They throw me into an arena and wow!
Oh now at this very hour
quarter to dawn
We would play sirtaki in Athens
Hey hey hey!

Far out
In America
I’m listening to a blues melody
My eyes are close
I’ve been traveling to San Francisco
Sorrow rattles in Lake Ontario
Pablo Neruda reads poetry to us
Oh in Havana
straining from the legs of young girls
Is it possible to smoke a cigar?
Hola Mexico
Adios Brazil
Frida Kohla paints

Down with the Siberian shoots
It’s nice to watch Moscow from your eyes
Felicita in Rome
“Yalelli” by the Nile
Oh why am i so sad
Why sad
However, once in a human life
Getting high in Sydney
Must swim in the Maldives

Tehran is enchanted now
It is buried in darkness a thousand and one nights in Baghdad
Aytmatov when he said “I have to write my size with Cypress”
I shout your name in the Kyrgyz steppes
Bangkok is still the city of angels
The poison of grief in the Philippines

Tokyo is brilliant
Berlin is sparkling
Ethiopia is the middle of darkness
Oh darling
Mine is an irrecoverable heartache
“When the persecution begins to rain like rain, no one will say stop,” Brecht says.
Oh darling be patient

I haven’t seen any place but my country
I don’t know any other love
My darling
I would not change a thousand worlds to one Istanbul …

  He was born in 1963 in Turkey's Sanliurfa. After completing his basic education there, he graduated from the university in Bursa in 1985. Profession is financial advisor.
 He was interested in the art of poetry when he was a child. He read and researched Turkish poetry and the books of great poets. He started writing his own poem.
 He focused more on poetry in the following years. He searched the world poetry. Over time, he began to create his own style of poetry. He mostly has poems in free form. However, he also uses the traditional Turkish poetry, Syllable form.
 In his poetry, he mostly tells about love, loneliness, sadness, longing.
 His poems have been published in many magazines, anthologies and internet sites in his country. His name has entered the Turkish Literature Dictionary. His poems were also published in magazines and websites in Kosovo, Romania and Azerbaijan.
 He was a manager of literary and art associations. He participated as a poet in some poetry festivals held in his country.
 He is married with 4 children. He lives in Istanbul. 4 books of poetry have been published.
 Selfish (1994)
 Appearance (2002)
 Goodbye Love (2011)
 Letters to Mariana (2020) 

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni


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