poem by Hüseyin  Köse

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Whereas it was for no one to be…
It was for the young muhajirs who set off in summer and winter
Touching and passing the dawning silence of the morning

In the dawning silence of the morning, everyone,
It was like the open wound of thinking it was an ashen enemy
As if they had taken armageddon from cities that had not happened

In armageddon made of cities that have not happened
Everyone whose word is known from the wind of his departure
It was winter for him to open and close the door towards himself!
It was wrong, every little regret started from a grudge of the night

In the nights when every little regret starts with a grudge
When everyone doesn’t understand that everyone has been extended so much
Let’s shut up, let our roads save migration
Let a view of Üsküdar lock our eyes
Take home trips from the high seas to the desert
Strong affirmations comfort the past of things that have ended
I’m a simple guy who maybe gets into complicated things
To the things that always multiply and multiply when it’s over
A whole life is scarred for such small moments at work
He spent the entire time of his stay by ear…

With fathoms thrown in the wrong time of stay
From the loosened seasons, so that there will be a marble memory left
Maybe he should have passed through tightly closed doors
Powder your torso while women count the missing balance of their horny intentions
If you were right, then my wife thinks about your whims
If he had repaired it with a comforting promise…

Words that are not comforting bleed in children
Autumn leaf forgive me,
Walnut paint has been on my mind since I spent the evening
I always go to shady climates because I go out
It’s like a scarred stamp on envelopes…

It’s like a scarred stamp on envelopes
Now you’re the one who was thrown into a painful void, right?
He spends the day shift in the misty waters with a haifa of irons
Is it true that it was dark when everyone was happy when they loved was loved?
Every sound that ends before the end when calling the future
If he had reached a break in the clay, the hunters would have set traps!

Hüseyin  Köse
He was born on March 8, 1970 in Antep. He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism in 1993. He received his Ph.D. with his thesis on Pierre Bourdieu at the Faculty of Communication of Istanbul University (2003). In different periods of Existence, Personalities, Accumulation, New e, Jazz Cat, Ecinnis, New e, Akatalpa, Berenis' Hair, Other-you, Land of Poetry, I Miss Poetry, Borderline, Distinction, Exclamation, Ellipsis in Literature, Seal, Zalifre Writings, Har, Street Songs, Creation, With, etc. his poems and essays have been published in magazines. in 1998, he published his first book of poetry, Sad Houses is Friends with the Queen Z. The Özger Poetry Prize was deemed worthy. May September 2000, the file was published in the book by May Publications. The second poetry file of the poet named Ruvedici Melek was deemed worthy of the 2003 Orhon Murat Ariburnu Poetry Prize. This second file was also published by Ilya Publications in April 2007, almost four years later. The poet's third book, The Man Who Was Not There, was published by Artshop Publications in May 2010. The book was awarded the “2010 Kusadasi Blue Dove Award” and the “2010 Behzat Ay Yazın Award” respectively. The poet's fourth book, Do not Forget the Distance, was published by Yeniyazi Publications in 2011. The book was awarded the 2012 Kıyın-Ruhi Türkyılmaz Poetry Prize. The poet's last book, Knot on Stones, Yasakmeyve was published by Neighboring Publications in March 2015. The corner of some of the books published are: Bourdieu, against the media, Papyrus publishing house, Istanbul, 2004; twenty-four Parodigma Media yayınevi, Istanbul, 2006; alternative media, twenty-four yayınevi, Istanbul, 2007;the sociology of media and consumption, Bracket yayınevi, Ankara, 2010; Media Privacy: The Phenomenon of Privacy in the Media and Parts of a Transparent Life (ed.), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2011; Major Thought: Loitering in the Archaic Period and in the Digital Media Age (ed.), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2012; Eric Dacheux, Public Space (translation), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2012; Black Curtain: Readings on Iranian Director's Cinema (ed.), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2014; Chauvinist Construction: Critical Texts on the Moral Coverage of the Media Show (review), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2015; Poet and Taifesi (essay), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2015; Scholastic Fantasy: From Imagination to Industry, Fairy Tale Readings in the Focus of Popular Culture (der.), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2015; Forgotten Origins of Communication Sciences (translation), Detaycı Publications, Istanbul, 2016; Splinter in the Eye: Maduns and Images of Madness in the New Turkish Cinema (der.) Metis Publications, Istanbul, 2016; Country of Public Benefits, Utopia Publishing House, Ankara, 2019; Image of Media and Society, Chalcedonian Publishing House, Istanbul, 2021.
Currently, Kose is working in the journalism department of the Faculty of Communication of Ataturk University.

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