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The sun is the hope of my nafs 
The dawn is setting ground for my journey

 Long wings of my fate 
Arrives to my sickle before morning frost

Faith, my irredeemable gold 
My strong nanny holding my hand 
My blood, the one that makes me to hold on 
To that iron life 
My authentic illusion of happiness 

My old tears are not asking anymore 
Why my chronic curses are 
Late to take effect  

Stance of an oracle inside me 
Says “God is supreme”

While he is clinging to his magic ball 
Domino stones are resurrecting 
The down part of life is getting better 
Than upper part of it 

I’m a painful butterfly 
Covered with slippery soil 
My landslide giving birth to me.



    She earned a bachelor’s (2004) and a master’s degree (2008) in Latin Philology from Istanbul University. Since 2011 she has been a PHD candidate in same department. Since 2013-2014 academic year, she has been working as an Instructor at Bursa-Uludağ University, teaching Latin & Ancient Greek Grammar and Literature, and also Numismatics.
   Her translation of the book by Seneca entitled “Dē Constantiā Sapientis” (On The Firmness of the Wise Person) from Latin into Turkish was published in 2017 (Doğu-Batı Publishing).
 Her first poetry collection called “Larva” was published by Artshop Publishing (November 2019).
 - Her poem called “Yangın (A Fire)” has been included with its English translated version in the “Anthology in Memory of the 30th Anniversary of Cemal Sureya’s Death” printed by Artshop Publishing (December 2019);
 - Her poem called “Dizeler (Lines)” has been included with it’s English and Greek translated versions in the “A Trilingual Anthology of Turkish and Greek Poets& Artists” printed by Artshop Publishing (May 2020).
 -  Her poem called “Başka Tanrıların Kulları (The Subjects of Different Gods)” has been included with it’s English and Spanish translated versions in the “Benidorm İstanbul 2020 Collection of Turkish Poets” printed by Artshop Publishing (August 2020).
   Her article called “The Notion of ‘Happiness’ in Indian Philosophies”, has been included in Gökkuşağı Journal (Aralık 2020, Volume 25).
  Her 28 new poems were published in Turkish literary journals in last 8 months. She is editing her new poetry book and also a novel for press.

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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