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The garden winter is falling on the ground
the broken leaves are on the carpet
steel beaks are on my cold skin.
Oh, are the crackings in the wall
heard from the garden?
The wine is still sour.

The wind that hides in my hair
shaking out desert magic into my sleep
the night with winter fingers
walking around my narrow streets
ice nails of the night are broken
hitting stone angels.

Blind midwife of darkness is embracing
the wooden legs of a scarecrow.
The screams of the scarecrow are
in the throes of death.
The mirror is still dusty.

Under the curtain of ground
when two naked trees are making love
with their roots
the fence of the garden is crying
on the dry sunflower’s neck.
The photos are fading
touching the distance.

She has graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Architectural Faculty. At the same University she studied Master Program. She worked as an architect along twenty years. Her poems, essays and translations were published in poetry perodicals in Turkey, China, Romania and Persia. She was editor at some poetry perodicals in Turkey. Her poems have published in World Poetry Yearbook at 2013, 2014, 2015. She is also an artist. She has exhibited her paintings in İstanbul.
Her published poetry books are; The Snail’s Trail / 2006, The Night Butterfly / 2007, The Choir of Tired Souls / 2012, The Well of Wind / 2015. From Cocoon to Black Hole / 2018. Slipping of Time / 2018. The Lake That Feels Cold / 2021.
Her published investigation book is; Baudelaire, The Prince of Clouds / 2007.
Her five translation book have published. Four of them are poetry translation from Emily Dickinson, Amy Lowell, Hilda Doolittle, Anne Sexton. Another one is a selection from Emily Dickinson’s letters.

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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