Incomplete Password- An Open Letter to Myself by Anabell Donovan

বাংলা English

All things considered,
and in the harsh light
of this day, this moment,
Fall’s wet woolen blanket
drapes my shoulders,
freezes and scrapes
with self doubt.

Thin bovines and beaten ears
in a cycle of years,
and a disturbed pharaoh
loses sleep.

Where is the dreamer,
the fattened bovines
and healthy ears?

Padded phrases weigh in,
“not a good fit,”
“mismatched skills.”

The incomplete crossword
hangs in the joints,
measures the self
with prompt efficiency.

The levitating
question mark of lack,
sharp thistles
in loud disturbance,
glowing plasma
in the fireball’s heart.

In the dread of loss
scrape permanent sores
with a potsherd,
and resist, resist
the pulling worry
of the undertow.

Anna ~ 11/21/21
Anabell Donovan
Anabell Donovan (Anna Eusthacia) is a psychologist and educator dedicated to student success of minorities and under-represented individuals. She loves words and would always like to “start where language ends.”

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