In the Company of Myself by ali al hazmi

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In the Company of Myself

 In the company of myself—
“Nothing missing,” I said to my solitude,
And to a beloved lady once departed
Without listening to the broken echoes of my last flute.
I said it also to a dove, once flew beyond her own wishes,
Without permitting the shawl of love to soar high
In the horizons if its genuine meaning.
I said it to a deer that has leapt over the roses of the fence,
Without paying attention to a pang of love that has bloomed so abruptly In the palms of the well,
After her departure.
In the company of myself—
A faint flame for the outset was enough for me
To make me see, from the heights of my question,
A certain road in the mist.
Neither fortune suffices to give an answer,
Nor does my deep, long passion for the Truth could help me To hurl the unattainable meaning with a single flower Ever-white in all seasons.
In the company of myself—
I step towards my off-path dream,
Guided by the eye of the void into the deep corners of my desire, As I persistently cling to the wings of a song from the past
That ascended to some radiance in the galaxies of longing, Guiding me,
And making me attached to my destiny with the flutes
In the shawl of absence.
In the company of myself—
I am the meaning of loss in the deserts,
Opening the arms of my heart in the vast, open scope
To embrace my cherished persons.
My tiny shadow has vanquished in the resonance
Upon its own pangs;
And still the throne of temptation in my blood stood firm, Unshaken.
Neither the winds confuse my first step
Nor the frequent rejection does shut its high gate
Against my doubts.
In the company of myself—
Nothing helps me as I suffer the flames of deprivation; Nothing of the past dwells my memory to realize
That without it,
Life, like shouts, has faded away;
That my dream was too humble for me
To produce even a mirage Spring with orchards.

In the company of myself—
The metaphorical trees of sentiment
Lull desires in my verse,
And enable me to reconcile my remote life
With those who deserted me
When I was banished
In the deep silence of the whole tale;
They just passed by my night without noticing my fatigue; They drove the flocks of clouds from my dream away
To the deserts of the dusk.
They did not feel I was driven out of the meaning
Of my wheat.
When I looked at the dawn of truth in their absence,
I saw a new, rising sun
 Shining from the darkness of absence.
In the company of myself—
Accompanied by all these memories with their soil
And palm trees;
And the suns of my childhood.
Accompanied by the shades of our old Lote tree,
The road to our old home,
And the shadow of all those who stepped upon its eyelashes; Accompanied by my youth;
My mother’s worries,
When I set forth a journey;
The lady of my dream who tainted the gazelle’s heart
With henna in the midst of the day;
Accompanied by all her presence and odours,
Her lust and extravagant pride;
Accompanied by those who lost their dreams,
Who travelled towards their Lotetree
Without reaching their goal;
Accompanied by my far-fetched dream,
And the dreams of my father and Mam from whom I learnt to smile
In the face of agonies.
In the company of myself—
Two doubles in meaning
Emerge on the mirror when we wake up
From two stolen dreams,
To become one divided self bent upon itself.
Two doubles tied together by a vague tendency
For the existence of opposites.
Two doubles who have met in the melody of songs;
Two silent dreamers,
As the flute was liberating the memories from the past, Weaving a patch of sorrow that spread along our eyebrows. But something stirs the flute of our desire
Since we live together,
To be more real than
An astray phantom lying between the eyelids.

Born in Damadd, Saudi Arabia, in 1970.  Obtained a degree in Arabic language and Literature at Umm Al-Qura University - Faculty of Arabic Language,1992.  As early as the year 1985, the poet started publishing poems in a variety of local and Arabic cultural Periodicals such as The Seventh Day (Paris), Creativity (Cairo),  Nazoa (Amman) and The New Text. 
 The poet participated in a number of recital sessions of poetry inside and  outside of Saudi Arabia:  
· International Poetry Festival, Costa Rica 2013. 
· International Poetry Festival, VoixVives in Toledo, Spain 2014.
· International Poetry Festival, Punta del Este, Uruguay 2015. 
· Madrid Voice life Poetry Festival, Spain 2016. 
· International Poetry Festival, Havana, Cuba 2016.
· International Poetry Festival, Medellín, Colombia 2016.
· Istanbul Poetry Festival, Turkey, 2016.
· International Poetry Festival, Roma 2017.
· International Academy Orient – Occident, Romania 2017.
· International Poetry Festival, Madrid, Spain 2017.
· International Poetry Festival, Malaga, Spain 2018.
· International Poetry Festival February, Madrid. Spain 2018. 
82 Publications:  · A Gate for the Body, Dar Almadina- Jeddah- 1993.  
· Loss, Sharqiyat- Sharqueyat Pub. House, Cairo 2000.  
· Deer Drink Its Own Image, Arab Cultural Center, Beirut 2004.  
· Comfortable on the Edge, Riad-Al Rayes - Beirut 2009.  
· Now in the Past, Arab Cultural Center-Beirut, 2018.  
· Selected Poems (Audio CD Anthology) - Hail Literary Club, 2010.  Books Translated to Different Foreign Languages:  Trees of Absence, Translated into French-Lil-Dision - France 2016.  Comfortable on the Edge, Translated into Spanish by University of Costa Rica  Editorial 2013, House of Poetry Foundation.  Comfortable on the Edge, Translated into French- Larmatin - Paris 2016.  A Fragmented Life, Translated into Turkish - Art Shop Pub. House, Istanbul -Turkey 2017.  A definite Road in the Mist, Translated into English and Romanian language - Academy Orient - Occident - Romania 2017. 
 Take Me to My Body, Selected Poems Translated into Serbian Language, Alma Publishing House, Belgrade, Serbia 2018.  A Road into the Wall, Translated into Macedonian Language, AkademskiPečat Publishing House, Macedonia, 2019.   
Comfortable on the Edge, Translated to Spanish, University of Costa Rica in Collaboration with The House of Poetry in Costa Rica, 2013.  Comfortable on the Edge, Translated to French, La Martin Publishing House, 2016. 
*Al Hazmi participated in more than 20 Anthologies in different parts of  the world:  Colombia, Spain, Dominican, Germany, China, Turkey, Romania, Cuba and Serbia.  The poet has recently signed a contract with Google to have thebprevilege of publishing some of his poems on Google Assistance Site.  Prizes:   Medal of Poetry, Urugway, 2015.  The World Grand Prize for Poetry, The International Academy Orient - Occident in Romania 2017.  His Poem “A Road into the Wall” won Verbumlandi Prize in Italy, 2017.  The Prize of the Best International Poet in 2018, The International Center for Translation and Poetry Research, China.  Global Icon Award 2020 - Italy    

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