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Although the feeling of compassion seems to be the feature that makes human beings superior to other living things, it can also appear as the weakest point in a person’s life.


_ Şenol Alçınkaya

If someone or someone is ignoring you, your best response would be to embarrass them with your success and dignity.


Human love is based on self-interest.  No matter how much he says he loves unconditionally, he also wants to be loved and remembered.



  Being in good standing or in a position in your environment can make you look attractive in your environment.  As a result of this, you can have a large crowd of people around you under the appearance of friends and friends. The important thing is what should be from this crowd when the day and place comes.  If they can’t support you with their presence that day, it means that you have accumulated a crowd under the name of friends and friends all this time for nothing.



As a child, I was playing with life.

 I grew up and life started to play with me.


A person’s greatest responsibility in life is their emotions.

 Uncontrollable emotions lead a person to failure and loneliness.



People with no conscience are concerned about their interests.

 Where his interests are, his conscience is money.


Trust is key in bilateral relationships.  Only the person you trust is given the key !!!

Şenol Alçınkaya
 Şenol Alçınkaya was born in Istanbul. He served on the administrative bodies of various cultural and social associations. Among them are the following organizations: Turkish Volunteers for Kidney and Organ Transplantation,  ÇEKSED (Modern Literature, Culture and Arts Association). He also served as the publishing manager of Kardelen (Snowdrop) and EdebiyatGezgini (Literature Traveler) literary magazines. His poems appeared in a number of magazines, anthologies and newspapers.     
Published books:  Poems Under the Rain (2016)  
                  Sadness Street (2021)  

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