an open letter to myself by Şenol Alçınkaya

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An Open Letter To Myself

Dear Myself…

First of all I ask you to overcome your fears. I believe you will succeed. Recognize your talents, think about the difficulties you have faced throughout your life and remember how they made you a strong person and resist life. 
Dear Myself… I am writing you these lines. Have you ever stopped to think about what happened in the past? Where are you now? Where are you in life? How important are you to people? Have you ever thought of these? If you are swept away by the flow of life and cannot spare time for yourself, you will not read this letter anyway. But if you are going to read it, think about it… What were your goals in the years when this letter came to you? How much has happened now? Have you worked hard enough? It never happened, stop thinking!.. This letter is coming from you, to you. If there’s something wrong, it’s not too late to stop… (Hopefully!)

Şenol Alçınkaya 
Şenol Alçınkaya
Şenol Alçınkaya was born in Istanbul. He served on the administrative bodies of various cultural and social associations. Among them are the following organizations: Turkish Volunteers for Kidney and Organ Transplantation,  ÇEKSED (Modern Literature, Culture and Arts Association). He also served as the publishing manager of Kardelen (Snowdrop) and EdebiyatGezgini (Literature Traveler) literary magazines. His poems appeared in a number of magazines, anthologies and newspapers.     Published books:  Poems Under the Rain (2016)  Sadness Street (2021)

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