An open letter to myself by rosanna bazzano

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Dear Rosanna,

you got it all wrong.
You chased love like an animal to hunt.
Do you understand the term hunt? It has a dichotomy, if on the one hand it indicates going after a prey, on the other it indicates the act of driving away.
But for too much love you can lose the love of everyone.
Because the anxiety of pleasure, the excess in giving, on the one hand generates an immeasurable sense of superiority on the other, and on the other hand it fills the idea that you have little value.
You have always believed that you have a vital need for affections, friends and loves, and you have tried to be reciprocated by serving them as one serves a God at the altar.
But the gods are just empty vessels of dry clay.
You are the living water that wets the clay, you are the wind that makes the wineskins sing.
It was a long way to tell you, it was hard to break the deafness of your ears and the blindness of your eyes, and reassemble your heart of bread a thousand times.
Too many thorns to cut your skin, too many branches to hinder your steps and how much snow over the many winters, and this, my dear, is what you let happen to you while you took care of everyone but yourself.
At your set table you have been alone so many times before you realize that the diners are not called to the table, and the table is set for life not for men.
Today 50 years are looking at you and they love you, dear Rosanna, and maybe, but yes, you did everything right.
No awareness arises from ignorance, and all the steps in a row lead to the top where the sky is no longer covered by clouds.
Have you loved too much? No, you loved badly.
To love is not the error, to love is our being that expresses itself, that if it is immature it talks too much and often, and to anyone, it will be silence after silence that slowly one learns not to throw away even a syllable, to be grateful to Life before the living, to the rain for the miracle of the seed that breaks the crust, to the sun for the sweetness it gives to the fruits, to the air for every breath we take.
The whole universe loves relentlessly in the immutability of its laws, where only men are the annoying parasites of creation, its highest perfection and its most perverse form.
To grow is to pass from love for creatures to love for the Creator, it is to love oneself not out of selfish love of oneself, but because it is an expression of God’s perfection.
Today you have learned to light the fire in your house, for yourself and it does not matter if only your dog sits next to you, the sun burns by its nature, the sun is enough for the sun, like the wind in the wind, and the water flows. on the plane and in the bowels of the earth without asking for anything, certain only of its going.
Love is enough for Love.
Prepare your morning tea and set the table with the beautiful tablecloth, and a warm bread is not lacking at your table, in the simple harmony of beauty poverty does not exist and wealth is only a deception.
On your altar, worship the spark of deity that dwells in you, and at your table honor your God who is life in you, then leave a cup for your friend and be ready to share your bread if the guest arrives. , because in your friend your God has taken a home, as in you
Always be on your way to the heart of the universe, learn to love life for life itself, and only in this way will you never be alone, because you will know that Life lives in you and that love surrounds you.
Life, this being there in time and space, is nothing more than a furrow that we dig in time, and time is water that closes as we pass.

Rosanna Bazzano
Rosanna Bazzano
 Mediterranean in every sense of her, she was born in Floridia (SR), she lives and runs a literary café in Naples.
 For four editions from 2005 to 2008 she was awarded the International Prize for Culture
 for the poetry of the Medusa Aurea trophy banned by the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome. In 2009 she won the national Il Fiore prize and was awarded the Gilda Mignonette prize for giving prestige to Neapolitan culture. In the vernacular she wins the Carmine Capasso Award in Naples in 2006 and 2009. For the prose you won the literary prize La mia pagina in 1991 with two short stories and the competition announced by the A.L.I. Penna d ’author, from Turin in 2005, a finalist in prestigious national and international competitions, she is present in numerous anthologies.
 In 2009 she published, the only self-produced, the poetic autobiography "L’ Olivo Saraceno ".
 In 2012 it was "Lune d'agosto", Intra Moenia editions spontaneously reviewed by Tg 3 Campania, by La Repubblica and twice by the national magazine Poesia di Crocetti publisher.
 Also from 2012 is the poetic fable "Gelsomina and the snowman", Iemme edizioni.
  Again in 2012 the book of nursery rhymes for children "Il Mangiarime", Iemme edizioni, based on recipes by the starred chef Rosanna Marziale.
 In 2013 "Il nuovo Mangiarime" was published, Iemme editions, again with recipes from Martial.
 In 2014, the anthology "Meet in Caserta", five poets from Campania and a Swiss publisher, ed. to the clear source, Lugano
 Her works have been spontaneously reviewed by many newspapers including: Tg3 Campania, La Repubblica, Il Mattino, Il Roma, Riso Flora site.
 In March 2020 Na terra nova, Oédipus edizioni, first in the Neapolitan language with a section of translations of foreign poets in Neapolitan.
 In March 2021 "Zia Natascia" short story in a fine edition for the Carte e cartuscelle series, by Langella edizioni.
 On the Internet:
 Private profile: Rosanna Bazzano
 Facebook page: Rosanna Bazzano
 Facebook page: The time of wine and roses
 Facebook page: Poetry in the time of wine and roses 

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