An Open Letter to Myself by Caroline Laurent TurunÇ

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Longing from me to me!

 Hello hello to you my love
I don’t know how to hold the pen or what ink to write with.
Where should I start, how should I do it?
How to write uninterrupted days?
Which side of me should I tell behind bars?
In a bag I put a yellow leaf
And sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my heart…
On a day when I spit on greed
Where to start?
Should words be said or hidden between unspoken words?
Are memories forgotten without a hug or a kiss?
Are distant ones forgotten?
While waiting for a spring day to return


 Ah oh darling now let the sky split and let it rain
If I comb your wet hair without getting tired of it again
On the wings of a lost time
under a crushed pine tree
tell me where to start
With love or with anger?
Or should it start with the best greeting?


 I write, I write, I answer myself:
I say tell my love I’m fine
leaf floating in the river
go tell him i love him
Don’t forget me, tell him:
Tell her how can I be so good without you
My eyes are always on the sparkles in the stars
the moon is always high
Like a season that takes care not to spoil an ancient history,
Torn, in the deepest part of my nights
I’m looking for a while.
My youth, where I go, to my childhood
He will understand my dreams, my soul is in doubt,
like all dried flowers


 ah ah ah what ah my love
I carried my life, as if it wasn’t enough
I carry the burden of all humanity,
With the deepest smiles to all
Lifts my sad face,
I’m wearing my smiley face
My loneliness no one knows
Tell me !
If I say I miss you, how many centuries would you leave behind?
Just like the rush of a mother whose baby is crying…
who came running like a storm to appease her baby

Then I think I’m leaning my back against the wall,

 it would be nice to be in the bushes now
We caress each other in a whisper without anyone seeing the rest
I miss you so much I say to myself
Oh how nice it would be if you were with me now
How to navigate this life without you.
Who do I call my friend, my soul, my soul?
If you only knew how loudly I called you
my voice falls into the dark


 Oh if I wake up and see you in front of me
If you come suddenly like the letters of an impossible day, you will warm my heart
I’ll say I’m here when you say you miss me
Ah, if only this dream were true, I wish I could find you waiting at the door of our house as usual
You pray for us without looking back
No matter what is missing in our house, without contempt
You’re waiting for me by the fireplace in our old room.
it would be nice to feel good


 ah ah my love ah
Saba holds the wind, it never stops.

What was our fault?
we die at birth we die young and we are already dead

 Caroline Laurent Turunc

Caroline Laurent Turunc
  Caroline Laurent Turunç Antakya, Turkey, Arab origin, the daughter of a family of nine children.  She started writing at the age of 15.  She wrote her first novel at this age and her family did not allow the book to be published, her brother and mother destroyed the manuscript.  This incident did not prevent her from writing more.  She has written over 1500 poems since 2013, received many certificates from abroad, and participated in 12 local and foreign anthologies.  Her poems have been published in many international journals and sites.  She is writing a novel and is about to finish it soon. She published two poetry books, "Between Oriental and Schemal" and "Desert lily".  She won the second place among 2575 poets from every country during the championship of the world literature in Romania.  She is a Turkey-based Humanitarian and represents the u.t.e.f. International foundation in Paris . She currently lives in Paris, France.  

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