An Open Letter to Myself by Agnieszka Herman

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If we really can choose a place and time of coming to Earth
I am thankful to myself, this one from the past,
 for being born in the middle of the winter
(which they say guarantees good health to the rest of your days),
for my parents whose energy could lighten up all the Mexico City,
thanks to that I can be everywhere and everything.
I can do triple pirouettes on frozen puddles. I can have wings
just like my neighbor’s pigeons or make love to Keanu Reeves
and listen to how he declaims Shakespeare in his deep voice.
I am thankful for my country, for the love of freedom
which is as natural here as breathing or water.
I am thankful for the talents that I came here with
and that I will pass away with.
I am thankful for people that I can love.
I am thankful for my mistakes and people that I cannot love
– they will always infallibly point out our weak spots.
I close my eyes. Don’t fear death – I say to myself.
Just like during meditation, there we’ll be only you and God.

Agneiszka Herman
  Agnieszka Herman -  Polish poetess, journalist, graphic designer. She published 5 poetry books: The Sun Exploded, Written by the light, The hardest thing is walking in the middle of the autumn day , The crosscut point - poems collected in Bulgarian and Backgroud. Her poems have been published in many anthologies and magazines in Poland, Serbia, Bułgaria, India, Turkey, Japan, Kingdom of Great Britain, Ukraine, India  and USA. She participated in many polish and international literature festivals. Finalist of 2020 Orpheus Poetry Award K.I. Gałczyński for her Late Styles book Background, Warsaw 2019) -  the readers' award. She cooperates with large publishing houses in Poland where she designs book covers. She is the author of cover designs (more than 200), some of them are international bestsellers. She is a member of Polish Haiku Association. 

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