A Story ‘Love and Betrayal’ by Şenol Alçınkaya

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Love and Betrayal

The lady went on walking down confusedly. She was only a short way from the beach. As the tears in her eyes spilled from the folds of her face, her only thought was to relieve the pain of the betrayal she had suffered as soon as possible. She sat on the rock at the farthest point of the sea on the beach where she came to stay with herself. She took out her cigarette and lit her lighter. The fire had dazzled her eyes, and the warmth of the fire she hadn’t felt for a long time took her back to her happy days in the past for a moment. She was a young girl and had ideals. She was one of the smart and beautiful girls of the school. She was cool. She was going to study and become a doctor. She was now thinking about what was left of that girl, that is to say, how falling in love had affected her life. She was twisting in the wind for chasing false love by being deceived by someone. Because she loved and believed. She had made many sacrifices for him. That’s what her family taught her. They said that love requires sacrifice, but everyone she knew was not like her. It was time to decide now. She would either leave this world forever or stay here and continue the struggle. She took a deep breath of her cigarette. Then she let out its smoke slowly. It was as if all her distress was coming out of her heart, and she felt relief. She relaxed a little and her thoughts became clearer. Then she thought: No one in this world was worth dying for. Even though she loved him very much, she had to survive and live for her children. She should have made an effort to make them good people. She got up from the rock she was sitting on and took one last puff from her cigarette. Then she left as she had come and took a slow and firm steps towards the house. In order to survive for her children she started walking towards her hopes for a new life.

Şenol Alçınkaya was born in Istanbul. He served on the administrative bodies of various cultural and social associations. Among them are the following organizations: Turkish Volunteers for Kidney and Organ Transplantation,  ÇEKSED (Modern Literature, Culture and Arts Association). He also served as the publishing manager of Kardelen (Snowdrop) and EdebiyatGezgini (Literature Traveler) literary magazines. His poems appeared in a number of magazines, anthologies and newspapers.     Published books:  Poems Under the Rain (2016)  Sadness Street (2021)

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