a story by Gülten Doğruyol İncesu

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It was a cold winter evening. People are flowing silently and deeply as if they have come to light again through a long tunnel. I got on the minibus to go to Esenler from Bakırköy. I sat by the window in the three-seater middle seat. There was two free seats on my right side.

When we arrived in Güngören, a five-year-old girl and her mother got on the minibus. They sat next to me.

The girl ask to the passengers in the minibus in a sweet, tiny and lively voice:

“My name is Saadet. That means happiness. What’s your name?”

I stroked the little girl’s herringbone braided hair. I suddenly thought of my mother stroking my hair when I was a child.

Her eyes were bright and full of joy. The atmosphere of the minibus changed instantly. Everyone said their name in turn. In response to the answers that she received, she began to sing.

“Happy birthday, Uncle Enver.”

“Happy Birthday Aunt Hatice.”

“Happy Birthday…”

“Happy birthday…”

She looked at me and grabbed my arm.

She asked, “Aunt Deniz Gezmiş, what is your name?”

The people in the minibus began to laugh. An uncle sitting in the back seat:

“Well done Saadet. There can be no better analogy than this.” said.

Her mother:

 “My daughter, how do you know Deniz Gezmiş?” she asked.

“My aunt Gülseren has a photo in her room, mom.” Saadet replied and continued to speak: “Look, this is Aunt; she is wearing a Deniz Gezmiş coat. Also, my father says, ‘He is the one with the green parka, he is always a young man, he is the one who can run the hundred meters best. He is always Deniz, he is always the most beautiful blue, he will always live.”

Saadet takes a break from her song and reads poetry suddenly. I am laughing. Everyone is laughing in the minibus.

“Okay girl, shut up, shame on you. Don’t noise this time of the night…” her mother scolded her.

 “But mom! Aunt Deniz Gezmiş has not said her name yet.” Saadet stands up.

I told my name to Saadet.

“Happy Birthday Aunt Gülten, happy birthday Deniz Gezmiş!” she continued to sing her song.

I arrived in Esenler. I waved to Saadet while getting off the minibus. She is smiling. I’m smiling.

The minibüs is getting away fast. I thought, sometimes one can feel as light as a bird in someone else’s story, while it is heavy for oneself.

Gülten Doğruyol İncesu
 Gulten Doğruyol İncesu is born in Ardahan Hanak and living in Istanbul. She is a mother of one child. Gülten Doğruyol İncesu has written "Ilgıt", "Yürek Kuyusu" and "Merhaba Mavi" poetry books and "Mendil" story book. In her poems, she tells about life, hope and love. She loves people, children, animals, poetry and life very much and she keeps writing.

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