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by Gülten Doğruyol İncesu

The wind that comes in through the window and flutters to return to the storm; Like an indifferent cold-blooded executioner, he swung first the curtains, then the tassels of the carpet on the floor, the painting of a little girl who looked so happy as she climbed the wall and ran through the countryside hanging there, and the black hair of the woman sitting at the foot of the armchair, hung like any other furniture in the room.

He stood at the foot of the chair against the wall, like a viper trying to get his body together. It was as if his eyes were locked on a spot on the ground, reading the secret of the universe.

He just sat there until the smell of death filled his lungs and slumped where he was.Then he pulled his gaze away from the spot where he was imprisoned. He looked around the room without raising his head. He noticed the red on the ground and on his lap. It was her favorite shade of red, deep dark. His mind was a mess, he tried to gather himself. She felt both a lightness she had never felt in her life, and an incredible weight. For a moment he thought he was paralyzed. He moved his clasped hands and fingers,  he was not paralyzed. His body was numb and stiff. His body was slowly unraveling like a snake in the sun. So what was it that he felt? There was a feeling that he could not explain, the feeling of “nothingness”. Could nothingness be a feeling? Not emptiness, not meaninglessness, nothingness.

He tried to stand up. Leaning forward, he drew strength from his hands, put his weight on his knees, and straightened. The wind had subsided as the red of evening ignited the room; but the heaviness he felt in his body and soul had not diminished. He suddenly remembered what had happened from the place he had straightened up! The way he calmly locks the door, opens the window so that the room can air out, the gun he hides among his favorite books, the ending of an ordinary character in an obscure story, and the way he smiles with the peace of being able to write it as he pleases.

He suddenly turned around. The last sway of the wind, slowly drifting towards extinction, giving up its temper and turning into a storm, caressed the black hair of his body that had become one of the inanimate objects in the room. The hands of life have mercifully touched him one last time…

Gülten Doğruyol İncesu

Gülten Doğruyol İncesu
  Gulten Doğruyol İncesu is born in Ardahan Hanak and living in Istanbul. She is a mother of one child. Gülten Doğruyol İncesu has written "Ilgıt", "Yürek Kuyusu" and "Merhaba Mavi" poetry books and "Mendil" story book. In her poems, she tells about life, hope and love. She loves people, children, animals, poetry and life very much and she keeps writing.     

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