A poetry by Gülten Doğruyol İncesu

বাংলা English


We’ll wake up together darling
To new mornings
To novice days

Our roots will rise to the sky like a white horse’s mane
Will give birth to ourselves
Earth will raise with our kisses

We’ll keep hope at our window
For fly the bright blues

We’ll hum songs together darling
With a heartfelt voice screaming
We will sing together…together

Where we were born
Where the city we went
To the home we live in
And to the world
We’ll leave untainted smiles
We’ll untie the rusty knots of time

In the deepest hours of silence
We will shed tears into the painful springs of life
And we will grieve together darling
We will laugh together… all together

Gulten Doğruyol İncesu
 Gulten Doğruyol İncesu is born in Ardahan Hanak and living in Istanbul. She is a mother of one child. Gülten Doğruyol İncesu has written "Ilgıt", "Yürek Kuyusu" and "Merhaba Mavi" poetry books and "Mendil" story book. In her poems, she tells about life, hope and love. She loves people, children, animals, poetry and life very much and she keeps writing.    

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