A Poem of Musa Bêjevan

বাংলা English


these words are for the hearts turned into embers
for the castle gate that witnessed so many ages

now I’m walking along with the sound of stones
in the trail of the galleries inside me

the life I envy in bitter tales chained my heart
with a lock whose magic is unsound

my veins drained
the sinners in this barren city
to whom shall they donate their crop

 Musa Bêjevan
 Born 1978, Gercüş, Batman. He graduated from Dicle University with a degree in Turkish Language and Literature. He earned a master's degree in Mardin Artuklu University. The poet, whose poems and stories have been published in various magazines, is currently working as a translator.
 - Sleety Times, 2010, Do Publishing
 - 1334 Women, 2014, Hel Publishing
 - Don't Lean Against My Tombstone, 2015, Hel Publishing 

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