A Poem by Şeref Bilsel

বাংলা English


when their men went away with the waves
each woman found a mountain for herself
and they climbed up the slopes.
nobody can speak to their own heart
without stepping on the ground but barefoot
and without knowing silence and how to wait
the women found something to learn.

the treatment of water by water, and pain by pain
they walked down to see a a cauterized sea
and the black sea billowed by curse and salt,
is a lonely berth
the women found a bed

against the roads and poverty
the eight women in waistcloths
when coming into the town, barefoot
they stood at the tatoğlu fountain
and washed their legs…
they took the white woolen socks out of the wicker baskets,
and against the poverty and roads
they wore the mocassins over them
and went towards the bazaar
they found a marketplace.

they sold butter and cabbage,
and bought salt and gasoil, the eight women
by the same fountain, in red waistcloths
took off their mocassins and socks,
and put away them in the baskets.
they never grumbled about the case, not even once

they remained mute until their sons and husbands died
and those mountains and the successive pains
belonged to them, and  blossomed by waiting
behind the door, the axes were for them…
the eight women disaapeared towards the mountains
the women found a loss for themselves.

Translator : İlyas Tunç
Şeref Bilsel
He was born in Rize in 1972. She studied at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature. since the beginning of the 1990s, his poems and writings have been published in numerous magazines. Then he became the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine. He prepared annals of poetry. There are four books of poetry published: Narrations of Narrow Time (1996), Winter Season in Magma (2003), Majnun Branch (2007), Ash of the Earth (2013). In 2014, the 18th edition of Ash of the World. He was awarded the Golden Orange Poetry Prize.. her book of essays titled Solo Poetry, published in 2015, was deemed worthy of the 2016 Melih Cevdet Anday Essay Prize. in 2019, he met with the reader of his book Lonely Literature. in 2021, Introductory Lectures on Poetry were published. She writes regular articles in the asset magazine under the title ‘Among the New Poems’. Dec. His last book, The Death of Paper, will be published in 2022.

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