A poem by Önder ÇOLAKOĞLU  

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You Smell of Freedom As You Cry

My helianthus flowers that reared up
I am yielded to your cry
Ruined cities are bile green

The bloodbath of foals isn’t made an entry into the books
They are buried in a fragile time
Rivers whose criminal record is seen

It takes shelter in a foam that leafed out from the sky
Unrest. the truth is converted into trees in your knee
The fringe of the cloud that is forested
It is bitter milk that I tasted from the hands of the night

You smell of bread and mirrors when the morning comes
I have seen it once
The pistol coldness that has believed in its bullet

Translator : Recep Nas
Önder ÇOLAKOĞLU  was born in İskenderun. He lives in Izmir. He has two daughters named Ekin and Deniz. He works as a Specialist Doctor (Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology) in a private hospital in Izmir.
His poems and text were published in the magazines Varlık, Yeni e, Bireylikler, Sincan İstasyonu, Hurriyet Gösteri, Sözcükler, Eliz Edebiyat, Akatalpa, Çini Edebiyat, Caz Kedisi, Edebiyat Nöbeti, Hayal, Yaşam Sanat and Iran Tabriz in Persian and Azerbaijani Turkish in Ghoroob.
His first book, 'Çapak' was from Hayal Publishing in January 2018, and the second book 'Taş Uğultusu' was published in November 2019 by Hayal Publishing. The book 'Taş Uğultusu' won the Ruhi Türkyılmaz Art House award in 2020.

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