A poem by Nursel Ertekin

বাংলা English


In your heart’s glacial fire, sadly blossom the daisies
Which poem I would fit in with my wistful heart
In your unfaithful heart, there are pansies.
My own mind does not take my advice
My hopes melt in snow flake stars
I took out from the chest the naphthalic embroidery
Rains fall on my memory.
Time’s artery is cut, it bleeds
It leaks into terebentine barrels.
A pair of cufflinks in your heart

At the gates of grief, I am the poetry’s guard
Rimbaut’s last two lines are torn
I am stitching it with ruby yarn.
My heart seeks for you in mossy boulevards,
Swallows will bring spring to stone’s heart,
My talismanic vinous pen will write symphonies
In this universe, stars will clap and dance.

Nursel Ertekin
Nursel Ertekin was born in Denizli, Turkey Jan 5, 1964.
Her love for literature and poetry began as a child.
As a youth she competed in track and field, winning national gold medals in 400 and 1500 meters.
She went on to have a career as an anesthesiologist and is also a master practitioner and teacher of Reiki.Her first public poetry recital was in 2004 at the Denizli Art Lovers Association.She has also given readings and talks , Lions and New Generation Village Institutes.In 2011 American Sazplayer and Turkish Poet interpreter Nyofu Tyson recorded an arrangement of her poem “Yakamoz” (Moonlight Reflections) with music composed by Evren Edler and vocal by Feyza Eren for his “Minstrels&Mystics” album.Nursel Ertekin is a member of MESAM (Turkish music and lyrical copyright owners association).Her poems have appeared in numerous print and digital publications. Nursel Ertekin participated in the International Marrakech Poem Festival on November 2020. She participated in The Capricorn Poets Around The World on January 2021.Nursel has served on the editorial board of Delikliçınar Culture and Art Magazine since 2019. Nursel Ertekin completed her art history education in 2020. Always looking for opportunities to be productive and further her development, in 2021 she completed. 
She is a regular zoom participant in the Sunday The World Angora streaming broadcasts from Paris, reciting her poems in Turkish with English versions recited by Jazz&Blues artist and Poet Moe Seager.
Nursel Ertekin published her first poetry book, YAKAMOZ, in Turkish and English, in March 2022.

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