A Poem by Gülten Doğruyol İncesu

বাংলা English


Mom, Today I remember my home on your neck 
In your slim body 
I heard from dad for the first time
As head of household about you 
I thought for days 
However, our home had three rooms
“How can my mom be pillar in three rooms meanwhile”
Actually, I couldn’t understand mom
To understand my dad’s word that smells of you 
It’s childhood… 
When he throws his arm around your neck, in other words your shoulder 
Right to the place we call home 
How he would smile with confidence in his eyes 
In the dark winter nights 
Neither hunger frightened him, nor cold 
The woolen socks you knit are on his feet
The wool sweater on his back 
She loved your hand made fresh bread 
She made wrap with egg and mint 
He would bite and eat like the sweetest food in the world. 
You used to sew dresses from flowered flannel 
I used to rest my cheek on the home on your neck, under the soft light
What a nice smell your muslin, mom
Our top so that it doesn’t stay open at night 
You used to tremble on us 
This was the story that made our father happy 
You were head of our household, mom even if it is not three rooms, it’s forty rooms.

  Gulten Doğruyol İncesu is born in Ardahan Hanak and living in Istanbul. She is a mother of one child. Gülten Doğruyol İncesu has written "Ilgıt", "Yürek Kuyusu" and "Merhaba Mavi" poetry books and "Mendil" story book. In her poems, she tells about life, hope and love. She loves people, children, animals, poetry and life very much and she keeps writing.     

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