A Poem by Giota Tesertekidou

বাংলা English


Old age has passed away.
They wove a wreath and decorated the transcendental.
On earth
The clouds never met
that’s why the rain did not water the earth.
It had not be done.
Do not be sorry.
The voice is not brought by the wind
under the gray window.
It was forgotten through the past nightmares.
Today it was passed by.
Tomorrow will meet the light.
Nature in a while
Will warethe emerald costume .
Fantasy is a wild horse,
a horsegalloping unrulable nightmares,
unsubstand, defenseless.
It’s useless
Was wronged.
Due to this
Do not talk,
do not be sorry,
never regret
You deserved it.

Translator John G. Himonakos

Giota Tesertekidou
Giota Tesertekidou
Tsertekidou Panagiota was born in Thessaloniki. Today she lives in Katerini. She writes poetry from her early age. Her books 《An Eternity I will wait for your moment 》and《Woman perpetual source of inspiration, poetry for the painter Giorgos Tziokas 》Ostria - Greece publications. In 2016 it was translated by Georgia Chaidemenopoulou into the Italian language and published in a bilingual edition in Greek-Italian by Edizioni Universum.
In 2016 she won in Italy the Grand International Prize for poetry from universities of fond of reading《Gran Premio di Poesia Internazionale 》.
In 2018 she won in Italy the poet of the year award 《Poeta dell'Anno 2017》.
The book was nominated by the Italian publisher and submitted to the Italian committee for the Nobel Prize 2018.It has been translated into English in 2020 by Ioannis G.Ηimonakos.

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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