A Free Prose ‘EGO’ By Şenol Alçınkaya

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You can be a writer, poet or artist where you live. Influencing people with what you write and do

 You can create a fan base for yourself. .as a result, it may be in your ego towards your readers and the people where you live. This is understandable up to a point, but too much of it leads to smugness and contempt. This will not gain you anything, on the contrary, it will make you lose. .Remember that you also have responsibilities to your readers and the people around you.

People look at your personality and behavior as much as they read what you write and do. .Of course, no one will remain in this world, but the greatest legacy we will leave behind to our relatives as we leave is our personality and behavior that will be praised. .As a result, while your works will take place in the dusty pages of history, your personality and what you do will also be noted in history.

As long as we live, we try to be something, but the hardest thing is to be human and stay yourself .

Şenol Alçınkaya
Şenol Alçınkaya was born in Istanbul. He served on the administrative bodies of various cultural and social associations. Among them are the following organizations: Turkish Volunteers for Kidney and Organ Transplantation,  ÇEKSED (Modern Literature, Culture and Arts Association). He also served as the publishing manager of Kardelen (Snowdrop) and EdebiyatGezgini (Literature Traveler) literary magazines. His poems appeared in a number of magazines, anthologies and newspapers.     Published books:  Poems Under the Rain (2016)  Sadness Street (2021).

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