6 Poems of Emmelia M

Emmelia M
Emmelia M
Name :  Emmelia M
Country : Indonesia
Email : emilh0709@gmail.com
FB :  Emmelia M
IG :  @emiliahartawan

 My literary journey of writing poems was started in 1983 when I was 10. It was when my father died because of heart attack. I wrote about losing my father as my first poem in our parish church’s bulian and published in bulletin in Palembang, South Sumatera Province, Indonesia.
 Then after my resignation from my official works, I found my passion back again in December 2015 till now, through the growth of social media such as Facebook, etc.
 As I don’t want to lose my English capabilities, I started writing poems and mini stories in English.
 Internationally, my English poems were translated into Italian and published in Pinerolo and Sicily.
 By posting my English poems in FB Group of DEMO GOG based in Russia, I encountered with passionate young Bhutanese writers. And Poetic Warrior based in Bhutan, has allowed me to grow up with their youngsters.
 It’s my literary journey till now. Recently I am dealing mostly with African Region, such a delightlful inspiration, of how to experience beautiful things in others.
 Interviewed by Matthew Edeh Sunday – Nigeria at Feb 24th, 2021.


Every pain is spinned
in my nerves,
countless eerie days,
are written
in a pocket of inspiration.

Every little thing is being spread,
I am a farming lady
own a garden of Eve,
garden of beautiful hopes
and prayers,
evolving in painful soil,
silence is like a school of echoes,
I am inspired in meditation,
I am everywhere
standing on my solid ground.

Every unspoken word
that mentioned in heart,
I shall shout them loudly
Encouraging every caged bird
to widen their wings,
to thicken their feathers,
across the winter blizzard
to the sunshine of the universe.

I am the inspiration,
ever since I was
in the beginning of the period.

Indonesia, 6th March 2021.


In an immense range
of elapsed time,
I blue my eyesight,
looking for
your mystical eyes,
emptiness so running away.

I blue of
my swinging heart,
for smiles are
miles in ages,
captured your fragrance
into my blanket,
dreams are remembered.

I blue
our secluded chamber
secrets are told
we are searching
for each other’s hands,
souls to be poured of;
kisses are the bridges,
prelude to
life of the future.

Indonesia, 06h March 2021.


I am sitting
on my green bench
waiting for the moon
rising on
the black velvet sky.

When the rain stopped
singing a core moments,
I am waiting for
The monsoon moon
rising on the black stage.

I am walking on the beach
waiting for the monsoon moon
accompanying my current
away to the ocean,
to the tip of peninsula ,
where I can reach most
the sweet little stars.

Indonesia, 6th March 2021


A moment of longing
was born
in my flesh and blood.
He called my soul
with his intimate wish,
“I need my equilibrium of myself.”

We met before time,
as Our Almighty Creator,
has put His Life
into ourselves,
His holy shrines
of perfect accomplishments.

The woman in me,
might stand of the evolution,
embracing most fragile life,
encoding new generations,
faithful to His Words.

The woman in me,
a happiness,
a beauty
a wisdom,
a home of education and welfare,
against any kind of warfares and abduction,

The woman in me,
a blessed human being,
a complete balance to the manhood,
let the world united!
By the woman in me.

Indonesia, 6th March 2021


I am not special,
I am loved by you,
the only you that care
about me,
in your clouds of your days.

We say love
to each other’s soul,
still need of urge,
argue indifferently
touching the tenderness

You loved me,
the defeated you,
but the gift was already
given secretly.

Wandering each moment
and honored
to be in love more,
deep forgiving romance,
I care about
our weaknesses.

I am not special,
I am loved by you.

Indonesia, 6th March 2021


We have built our haven,
of the injured
of the unbeatable
we have our romances
of two miseries.

We keep loving ceaselessly,
for the injured
be healed and purified,
to the lovable betrayal.

Our haven is a far cottage
in an unknown woods,
for our elder age of nest,
as spending time of
thankfulness to
forgive ourselves,
to live and to move on,
before vanishing
into ashes.

Indonesia, 28th Feb 2021

© All rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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