5 Poems by Paola Pennecchi

Paola Pennecchi
Paola Pennecchi, poet and literary curator born in Milan where she has been editor, coordinator and advisor for editorial groups such as Mondadori, Collins, New International Media
 On the occasion of festivals and literary events she has participated at poetry readings in different towns, in Italy and abroad, as in 2017 at the Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Festival in Craiova, Romania - 2017.
 She has published the poetry book "Traslochi" (ed. Spaziotemporaneo 2012) ", with english translation and images of the American photographer Alison Harris
 Her poems are in different anthologies among which“La nascita della quarta Grazia”, “Luci e ombre mitomoderniste “, “Necessità e indeterminatezza -Scienze contemporanee e filosofia ionica” , “Artinaula”, “La Biblioteca  Fantastica”.  She collaborates with La Casa della Poesia di Milano.
 She is member of the Mitomodernista movement, and has organized in June 2015 with Tomaso Kemeny, Angelo Tonelli and Massimo Maggiari the mitomodernist event "Nelle terre del cigno – Storie di poeti e viaggiatori", in collaboration with the College of Charleston, South Carolina and the Loyola University.
 She is co-founder of the International movement “Poetry and Discovery”: she has created and participated ad different events, such as Affari Poetici-Milan 2016, La terra santa – Passeggiata Poetica - Como 2017, Riti Poetici - Paestum 2017, Eutopia - Rome 2018. Together with Tomaso Kemeny she has curated the anthology “Affari Poetici – i doni della poesia”, November 2018. She has conceived and organized in Milan the event “Blitz poetico – Sbarco degli Argonauti sul Naviglio Grande, june 2019”. 
 With the Italian artist Claudio Borghi she has created the art book "Magmarmonico", 2019. 
 She has been invited at the meeting dedicated to Italian poets at the “International Festival of Poetry”, organized by the Bengali poet Masud Uazzaman, august 2020; She has partecipated at the “Rucksack project, a global poetry patchwork 2020”, september 2020 and  at the cultural project “Poetas en paralelo”,  60 poets from Cuba, Spain and Italy, march 2021. 

Grafted on this temporary calmness

on this
temporary calmness

marks the times
of dry stone
over the centuries
to guard

They promise
in autumn
the persimmon trees
unmindful of burning heat

My longing
for cicadas
covers with dust
my steps
and thoughts

Holy Silence

Holy silence
I thank you heartily
for the brightness
you donate
to my thoughts
for the wind
between my unsettled
to the abhorrence
of the vacuum
that leads me
back to life

From whom am I

From whom am I?
It is out of darkness
that vibrates
the tail end of the sob
that distills
and revives essential saliva
and life saving tears

Neither before nor afterwards
were tracks
Nor today
do footprints
mark clear skies

Immobile I stand
so life may infuse
this my body
for love

Almost something next to nothing

Almost something
next to nothing
the weight
of your name
every morning
on the pages
of my copybook
as a mental discipline
an exercise
of poorness
an abstract opening
of the heart

On this sunny morning

On this
sunny morning
I am alive

I haven’t got
germinative roots
but my steps
skimming over
rows of merry
adolescent trees
while a silence
of feathers
urge my

About Poetry

Poetry means friendship with creation, finding oneself into minute cues and make them become like a tasty crunchy piece of bread.
Poetry is food for the soul.

Our cells know how to sense poetry surrounding us all and they secretly work day in and day out, sometime for months or years. They process our visions, experiences, memories, our waits and meaningful moments.

Poetry germinates slowly and then suddenly finds a home inside ourselves and everything beams as if it were a sun we were unconsciously waiting for.

I believe that now we need sharing activism in poetry which can be summed up in a single phrase “make yourself liable”.

“Making yourself liable” means be liable for your words, breathe towards the sky, be into the unequivocal and requires to get rid of the fear of being a poet, thus leaving a mark of one’s path within its relentless being in progress.

“Making yourself liable” means live into the world poetically and manure where the land is driest: sowing often might have unexpected outcomes. Welcome a gesture that creates a poetical bonding like a flash of lighting and a blessing.

“Making oneself liable” means lose yourself into dreaming and yet remain vigilant in the world while listening to the voices of your ancestors and Masters. Nurture your nomadic nature. Disobey with gravity.

Paola Pennecchi

© All rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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