PANTINING BY Vaida Kunigėlytė

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Vaida Kunigėlytė
Was born in 1964. Vilnius.  
Livs in Vilnius  Raudonės str. 103

1982 Graduated from Vienožinskis art school. 1987 She graduated from Vilnius State Art Institute (now Academy), industrial art specialty.  She teaches  at  Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. Since 2002 actively participates in national and international exhibitions. Vaida is a member of  Landscape architect EF Andre Club. Leads art workshops for both children and adults. She works  in the field of graphic design: creates logos, also the series of labels for "VILNIAUS ALUS“ well known bear brewers company, illustrated books.

Detail and whole, including lightweight decorative and full of spontaneous splash - so characterizes her work.

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