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Luana Stebule
   Luana Stebule Bio and Statement-   I have now been living and creating for a nearly a decade in the   United Kingdom. My works previously included many projects for   theatrical stage settings, mural paintings, together with 24 solo and 37   shared exhibitions in Europe: Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania,   Hungary, Poland, England and in the United States.  To briefly recap I was born in Lithuania, in 1962. In Antanas Martinaitis   Art School and Academy of Art I was taught art techniques, styles and   the finer points of the craft. However, I think amongst the most   important influences in the creativity, deepest understanding and   originality in my work comes from infinity, God and immortality. The   spiritual level of artworks is very important to me. Many years ago,   Leonardo Da Vinci wrote “Where the spirit does not work with the   hand there no art”.  My artworks are poems on canvas. In order to achieve particular   expressions, I stylize forms by simplifying them in my own unique   way. My pictures have elements of surrealism, pointillism and   conceptualism. The idea behind artwork is very important to me. My   current artworks are traditional, oil on canvas, though for many years   my favourite technique was the production of collages with use of   numerous materials including wood, sawdust, mirrors, leather and   textiles. Layer by layer these imbued the richness of the final surface.   The pictures provide a physical body to juxtapose and suffuse it   veritably with a jazz of visual performance.   Picture sales have previously been by traditional methods of   exhibitions and word of mouth, only in 2018, when I participated in Art   Expo New York, I created a website and become visible on the world   of the internet.  2  Since 2018 I have received some recognitions.By the International Art   Market Magazine I was selected to be on the Gold List as one of the   Top Artists of Today. In January 2020 in Florence, I was awarded the   3  rd International Leonardo Da Vinci prize and in September - the New   York City Prize.   In 2020 my artworks included in the Art Anthologies “Important World   Artists 2020” and “International Current Masters 2021” published by   “Artavita” in the US. Also, in 2020 my artworks also appeared in the   book “The Great Masters of Contemporary Art”. Most recently in 2021,   one of my artworks selected into the book “Best 2021 Modern and   Contemporary Artists”, in 2021 I was awarded the “Dante Alighieri   International Prize”.   

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