Painting by MYSTI. S. MILWEE

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This painting is a watercolor painting. The colors of the city are reflected in the water. I used three techniques in creating this masterpiece. This is a very unique piece because I created it while listening to the sounds of water and energy music. As a synesthesia artist, my artistic temperament and composition from the sounds is boldly viewed in this picturesque moment of memories painted by sounds.


Mysti S. Milwee is an International award-winning and published synesthesia artist (paints to music), poetess, writer, screenwriter, translator, book cover art designer/illustrator, and Illustrator from Southside, Alabama. She is the editor and publisher of Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal. She has Native American Cherokee Indian background and is a Sequoyah-Cherokee translator. Her poetry, writing, and visual art has been published in over 3,000 publications worldwide and in over 12 countries. She is the “Poet Laureate” of Fire Eagle Ministries, and over 1,000 poems has been written for over 50 ministries and outreach programs in over 12 countries. Her poetry, writing, and art has been used for academic and ministry studies across the US and abroad. She is the recipient of the 2021 International Cultural Arts & Literature Communications Collaborator Award, 2021 Global Translation Award in Native American Literature, 2020 International Native American Literary Translation Award, 2020 International Key to Success Award, 2020 International Golden Feather Leadership Scholar, 2020 Best Short Story for Documentary, 2020 Best Lyrics for Christian Music (for song “Unsung Hero”), 2020 Best Lyrics for Music Video (for song lyrics “Through the Fire”), 2020 Global Arts & Humanities Award, 2020 Global Arts & Literary Culture Award and was awarded the 2020 Best Screenplay for “The Loner”. She is a ‘Literary and Arts Mentor’ with the International Team with One Million Talent Academy Plus, Assessment for Development. She is the Author of her poetry book “Human Reaction” Inspirational Life Lessons Expressed in the Poetry of a Native American Woman’s Soul, and is available for purchase on Amazon.

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