Mixed-media by Cornelia Becker

Mixed-media Cornelia Becker
Cornelia Becker
Cornelia Becker

Cornelia Becker has written short stories, radio plays and lyrical prose which have been published in literary journals and on the radio (Aufbau-Verlag, Rowohlt, Eichborn, LangenMüller, etc.). In 2009 the audio book MagentaRot was published as a collection of short stories; only two years later, the volume of short stories Eintritt frei was printed in the Achter-Verlag. In August 2014 she produced the novel Die Unsterblichkeit der Signora Vero in the LangenMüllerVerlag. She published the artist’s book Die Kinder meines Vaters  in the BÜBÜL publishing house. (The book has been translated into Arabic since 2018.) Her novel Der raue Gesang was releast by Contra-Bass-Verlag in summer 2017. She received awards and scholarships for her work.

Her writing process is often accompanied by mixed-media designs, so called Käfterchen, wich support the exploration and investigative movement.

There are no specific title.
All  this pictures are called "käfterchen", which is a special old German  word for a small room or study room. Mostly I create a "käfterchen" when I have to explore the unknown blind spots or any taboos in/during my literary process. Transforming in another artistically   expression it helps me to find a solution. Often its offering a  surprising answer, a new inspiration.

Mixed-media designs by Cornelia Becker

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